Coconut sugar is another production from this miracle tree and this sugar has used over thousands of year in South Asian and Pacific cultures. Sugar also known as palm sugar and there is a huge demand for these production on western market.Coconut sugar is create from the sap of the coconut palm.

Advantage of coconut sugar

          The main advantage of coco sugar compare to other sugar types is coconut sugar has low fructose compare to cane sugar. Most of Thai food flavored with this sugar and most of Thai sweet recipes are added using this coconut sugar.Coco sugar not contain the enough nutrient which found in coconut palm but it contain some minerals such as potassium, calcium ,iron and zinc and this may give some benefits consider to health wise.The other main advantage of coconut sugar is that this sugar cans consumption for the people who suffer with diabetes. So this is one of the better sugar substitutes for cane sugar for diabetic patients. So now this coconut sugar became much popular and has immersed market for this product.

          Normally coconut sugar is pretty expensive compare to cane sugar and most of the time it’s very hard to find good coconut sugar in your nearest store.Like other coconut product, coconut sugar also got great demand in market and there are so such standard for coconut sugar production. There are no trees which can create such commercial benefits like coconut tree do. The consumption of coconut can classified in to two such as coconut product use as a food and coconut product which use as other product not as food.

          United States of America and other European countries got very low knowledge about the importance of this coconut tree as a commercial production.The main reason for sugar considered as unhealthy is which regular cane sugar has 50% of fructose and 50% of glucose which can be cause for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. sugar health performance and benefits are very less compare to other coconut product such as coconut water, coconut oil and coconut milk. The main disadvantage of this coconut sugar is it is very expensive compare to other sugar types.

          First the sap of the coconut palm (coconut meat) is extracted and after that it boiled and dehydrated to produce coconut sugar. color of coconut sugar got caramel color which is much like brown sugar which created by cane.Compare to other sugars this coconut sugar has very low calories like about 15 calories per teaspoon.Coconut sugar can be created from flower bud of the coconut tree and apart from coconut sugar “tuba” (coconut vodka) is also produced by using the flower of the coconut tree.Compare to other sugar product coconut sugar got much more attractive features so this is another great gift from coconut tree.


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